Global Innovation Company is one of the leading regional provider of innovative human capital development solutions. GIC is a subsidiary of National Technology Enterprises Company - NTEC - a mandate by the Kuwait Council of Ministers for technology & knowledge transfer, as a fully owned subsidiary of Kuwait Investment Authority - KIA.


To be the leading regional provider of human capital development solutions along with being the partner of choice to regional organizations for providing innovative and world class services that have a remarkable and measurable impact in the region.


Rise to achieve our vision through our strategic 4Es approach:

  • EVOLVE regional HR practices and knowledgebase through simplifying and localizing leading global HR processes and practices
  • ENABLE innovation and HR knowledge transfer through connecting HR practitioners – regionally and globally
  • EQUIP HR practitioners with the latest, most relevant and practical HR knowledgebase & skill set
  • EDUCATE HR as a core function of every manager


  • Integrity
    We interact among ourselves and with others honestly, thereby building relationships based on trust. We always respect the confidentiality entrusted to us.
  • Customer Focus
    We anticipate, understand, and respond in a timely and effective manner the needs of our customers. We welcome customer feedback and rely on it to help identify improvements in our operations.
  • Competence
    We capitalize on the knowledge, skills, and abilities mastered through our education, training, and experience. By leveraging on our competencies we are able to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and operational excellence.
  • Innovation
    We value innovation in the way we approach every aspect of our business.


GIC concentrates on developing its business through:

  • Building milestone strategies and goals with our clients.
  • A huge network of international and regional Subject Matter Experts and Consultants.
  • A solid portfolio of partnerships with leading technology and knowledge vendors.
  • Accommodating International diversified distinct skills and knowledge, locally.
  • Bilingual support of all our services and products.
  • Dedicated learning solutions covering areas of specialized technical training in Soft Skills, Human Resource, Project Management and Management Information Systems.
  • Innovative knowledge transfer techniques through our services and programs such as Management Outsourcing, ME-HR Hub and other.




HR Audit

“Improve the physical & mental Well-being of your organization”

HR Audit is a comprehensive method, to recognize strengths and identify needs.

Ensure efficiency, Review concerns, Maintain organization reputation, establishing baseline for future improvement through,

  • Compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations
  • Internal strengths and improvement areas of your HR function
  • HR function’s alignment with the company’s strategies
  • All related HR functional areas
  • HR risk management areas
  • Due diligence review for shareholders or potential lead investors/owners
  • HR Audit can be done comprehensive or focused on quickly tackling one particular issue.

We approach you as a partner and act accordingly.


HR Strategy

HR Consultancy Services

“Beyond Conventional Consulting, GIC is a Subject Matter Expert that Delivers Implementable Results”

HR Strategy

Partner with our clients to develop, manage, measure & evaluate strategies.

  • Balanced Scorecard Development & Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Link and Alignment Strategies
  • HR Strategic Management

(Talent Management, Talent Development, Employment Branding & etc.) and much more…


Organization Development and HR policies and procedures

Organizational Development

Partner with our clients to develop organizational structure that best fit their business needs and strategic orientation.

  • Develop Organization Structure
  • Draft Corporate Governance and Top Level Policies
  • Conduct Job Analysis
  • Design Accountabilities Matrices
  • Develop Competencies Hierarchy
  • Create Job Roles, Description, Competency Profile & Key Performance Indicators and much more…

HR Policies and Procedures

Partner with our clients to develop and implement HR related policies and procedures – P&P in:

  • Total Reward & Compensation; Quantitative Job Evaluation, Salary Surveys, Job Grading, Fixed & Variable Pay Schemes, and other related P&P
  • Talent Acquisition; Headcount Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Onboarding, and other related P&P
  • Performance Management; Aligned Performance Systems, Functional Objectives, Behavioral Job Competencies & KPIs, and other related P&P
  • Talent Development; Training, Development, Succession Planning, Promotions, and other related P&P
  • Employee Relations; Communication Programs, Grievances Management, Behavioral Leadership, and other related P&P
  • Shared HR Services Delivery; Personnel Management, Payroll Management, Legal Compliance, Travel, Leaves, Certificates, Health & Safety, and other related P&P
  • Business Process Automation; e-Work Flow, Application Selection, Implementation Support and much more…


Training – Recruitment - e-HR solution


“Learn from Experts, use our Innovative training approach”


HR Trainings Courses

Compensation Management / Training Needs Analysis / HR Metrics / Interviewing Skills / Labor Law / HR Service Delivery / Performance Management / Coaching & Mentoring / Other Related Human Resource Courses

Professionals with dedicated HR training courses can help LOCATE the right hires for open positions, MANAGE employees records, ENSURE that both new and existing employees implementing company polices & procedures

Leadership & Soft Skills Trainings

Presentation Skills / Communication Skills / Interpersonal Skills / Team Building / Selling Skills / Positive Attitude / Negotiation Skills / Middle Management / Managing People / Leadership Training

We ANALYSE and DETERMINE your real need for training and development so we can provide you with the relevant SOLUTION


“Automate your Process to Enhance your Work Environment”

Strategic, Large-scale Talent Management

Inspiring Talent Management


An Integrated Talent Management System that implements successful local talent management strategies that identify, nurture and develop the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

More than 1,700 Customers In 70 Countries Using 50 Languages

  • Integrated & Module-based HR Operations Management to empowering Human Energy with Technology
  • More than 10 Years of successful operations
  • More than 15000 Months of experience in employee process automation
  • More than 500 Customers
  • More than 500,000 users


  • GIC is one of the leading professional recruitment consultancies in the MENA region specializing in the placement of candidates in permanent and contract positions with clients around the region .
  • We at GIC act as an intermediary, identifying and sourcing suitably qualified candidates on behalf of our clients. Candidates are recruited either for permanent or contract positions (typically for a fixed term) or on a temporary basis.
  • As an organization, diversity has been an integral part of the service we provide to candidates and clients as we believe we are in a unique position to make a positive contribution to driving inclusion and alleviating bias in the workplace .
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Introducing new leadership perspectives with the Creative Leaders Workshop

Introducing new leadership perspectives with the Creative Leaders Workshop

October 16th marked the completion of the 2-day workshop: the Creative Leaders, an integrated learning program developing creative leadership & team innovation skills step-by-step. Vigor Events, in co-operation with AlGas Events and Global Innovation Company, organized the workshop...
Leading Change Workshop

For the second time this year, Vigor Events hosts the “Leading Change” Workshop

Due to the high demand on the Leading Change Workshop that initially took place last April, Vigor Events – with the cooperation of ALGAS Events and Global Innovation Company – re-organized the interactive two-day workshop one more time in Kuwait on the 1st – 2nd of September...
High Performance Teamwork

Teamwork Divides the Task and Multiplies the Success

Facilitator Michael Cardus illustrates the 7 Steps to High Performance Teams at the Knowledge Club TM 2014. Vigor Events is hosting 7 Steps to High Performance Teams: a two day team building workshop with prominent facilitator Michael Cardus, who will provide the necessary tools and...


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